InnoScan 1100 AL Microarray scanner

InnoScan 1100 AL

Whole slide imaging, Easy automation, Versatile

Combining ultra-high resolution and high-level automation, the InnoScan 1100 AL is perfect for fast, whole slide imaging. With three excitation wavelengths, it is ideal for reading cell microarrays as well as classic three-color microarrays.

InnoScan® 1100 AL

InnoScan 1100 AL is a high-resolution 3-color fluorescence scanner. With a resolution of up to 0.5µm/pixel, this scanner can scan a whole slide into high quality image. Combining high performance with full automation, InnoScan 1100 AL is ideal for high-density or three-color microarrays as well as for cell microarrays. To find out more...

InnoScan 1100 AL specification sheet