Innopscan 710-IR Microarray scanner

Innopscan 710-IR

Perfectly suited for protein microarrays

Created especially for protein microarrays, the Innoscan 710-IR is capable of reading signals in the near Infrared spectrum. This allows a considerable reduction in the background noise caused by supports normally used in protein microarrays such as nitrocellulose or PVDF.

InnoScan® 710-IR

The Innopscan 710-IR is a fluorescence scanner capable of reading signals in the near-infrared spectrum. Equipped with two excitation lasers, one at 670nm and the other at 785 nm, the InnoScan 710-IR is capable of reading protein microarrays dyed with infrared fluorophores, thus permitting a reduction in background noise caused by substrates. Click to learn more...

InnoScan 710-IR specification sheet